New Haven

Burning Sunflowers and Mysterious Plots

As we left off, Izzy was going to be lead to the center of the Sunflowers by a cultist, where the holes were dug. She decided to fight back, and after an awkward struggle of neither party actually doing anything, she punched the cultist in the balls and ran for it. She was chased by the man in the white coat, who had blonde hair and a sharp face.

Mr. Sephir and Pea ran to another side of the sunflower field in an attempt to cause a distraction. Pea used the binoculars to focus the sun’s rays to try to set the field on fire. By bending the laws of physics, Pea set the field ablaze. This distracted the other two cultists, who went to work on trying to fight the blaze.

A mysterious demon, who’s been following the ring comes up from a distance, seeing the chaos. He spots not only the running man playing on his cellphone, but another duplicate riding a vespa toward the fields from the distance. He reached into his pocket and stole the cellphone from the Vespa riding copy, making him dissipate.

The final cellphone wielding angel has a taser ready to attack the ring, but Mr. Sephir uses one of his tricks to deescalate the situation. The angel puts the taser away and gives the group a chance to surrender. Then the mystery demon defies reality again by pulling out the final cellphone and making the angel dissipate yet again.

The mystery demon, who is just known as the street kid, introduces himself to the rest of the ring. They team up to investigate the shed where the cultist said the batteries were storied, and they found exactly what the cultist said. At this time, the fire spread to the middle of the sunflower field, burning the tallest sunflower and destroying the project. This caused the angel the ring has been facing with to appear out of thin air, and immediately pass out from the shock of his connection with the God Machine being severed. The ring bring his body back to the Institute so the professionals can handle him.

Two days later, the ring (Now including the street kid) meet with Christopher Stabler, a demonic handler, to be set up with operations inside the city. The first operation is Operation Dark Skies which is a plot to turn off all the lights in the city to have a clear view of the night sky. The plan to turn off the nights seem to have originated from the Celestial Observatory, a combination observatory/planetarium in Neo-Bejing. They investigated the location and found that it’s being run by a suspected Angel Yuri Gao. In the basement, the demons found an aether waste bin.

Izzy and Mr. Sephir investigate the laser light show, with Mr. Sephir in the crowd and Izzy trying to sneak into the control room. While the humans were entranced by the show, Mr. Sephir was bored out of his mind at a very boring display, but it did consist of a pattern of mysterious runes light up on the ceiling. Izzy opened the control room door and barged in. In response, Yuri attempted to drain the air from her lungs. Mr. Sephir used his abilities to urge Yuri to cool it, and Izzy used that attempt to run.

Reviewing the runes, Pea came to the conclusion that the runes were mean to implant two suggestions into humans. Turn off the lights on Valentine’s Night, and to convince their friends to go to the show.

The ring then investigated the other lead they had on Operation Dark Skies. There’s reason to believe the death of an inmate at the New Haven Multi-Security Penitentiary on Friday, the 12th plays some role in the lights out night. The prisoner, Nazir Boer, appears to be an innocent man. To investigate further, Izzy slept with the ring’s handler to get a meetup with Warden, the exile that runs the prison. It gave the party insight onto Nazir’s innocence, and a lead on who the possible assassin could be, but to get more information they’d have to infiltrate the prison.

Izzy and Pea followed some prison staff after the evening shift to a bar. Pea used an embed to figure out who would be willing to give up information. With exceptional luck, she found someone who worked with the security systems who absolutely hated their job. The duo cornered the man into a bathroom and awkwarded him into signing a simple pact on a paper towel showing that they could free him of both the job and financial worry.

This went swimmingly, and the man came back for more. Using a contract Mr. Sephir wrote up, they bought the man’s position at the jail in exchange for a pension loophole that let him retire early at his current pay. Demonic pacts are weird.

The street kid took on this identity to get access to the system. They found out that the suspected angel Alex Black gave very specific instructions to a trustee prisoner to kill Nazir after dinner on Friday the 12th.


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