New Haven

Let's Go to Prison

The session started with Mr. Sephir meeting with his new client, the framed Nazir Boer. Sephir’s plan was to cause Mr. Boer to have a mental breakdown and be transferred to a psych unit, which didn’t go down as planned. After accidentally getting Nazir’s hopes up, Sephir put his plan into action. Nazir lost his ability to understand meaning at a conceptual level and went into a dissociative state. Mr. Sephir alerted the guards and they came rushing in. They were worried that Nazir was going to lash out, and prepared and took an aggressive stance. Sephir tried to cause everyone to calm down, but his embed malfunctioned and escalated the situation. The guards beat the daylights out of Nazir until Sephir intervened by throwing himself in the way of the attackers.
That following night, the ring met again at the Celestial Observatory to confront Yuri Gao’s mass hypnosis. When they arrived, they found out that that Mr. Gao now had a bodyguard because of the incident of the previous week where Izzy interrupted Gao overseeing the laser light show. When the mortals were pacified by arcane runes, the group confronted the bodyguard and Gao in the control room. As Mr. Sephir fought the bodyguard who turned out to be a lesser angel, Izzy rushed Mr. Gao and used an improvised flamethrower on him. The control chamber was full of pure oxygen, which ignited and sent out a blast of fire.
The lesser angel teleported around the room, delivering a variety of blows to Sephir and Izzy. Mr. Sephir used his embed to force the angel to speak and admit, “Working for Mr. Gao is the worst job I’ve ever worked but it’s my calling.” Mr. Sephir then broke reality and changed the meaning to the lesser angel, making his job to cry out in a loud voice. The angel then started hooting and hollering as much as possible.
Mr. Sephir and Pea join Izzy in the control room who’s standing over a burnt lump. They notice a door in the control room that leads to an upper level that was previously concealed by Mr. Gao’s concealment powers. The second floor of the Celestial Observatory is the actual Observatory, including a giant telescope. Examining the telescope revealed a series of three lenses with arcane runes on them. Izzy manifested her demonic strength and broke the lenses, releasing aether into the air. The ring heard sirens in the distance and decided to book it. On the way out, they remember about the crystal embedded in the laser light show control panel. Izzy breaks the protective layer over the crystals, and Sephir uses his taser to shock the system. It corrupts the occult matrix and the laser light show transforms from embedding commands to embedding nonsense that the human brain cannot process. It leads to multiple viewers having seziures. They flee the scene before a paramilitary looking transport pulls up to the Observatory. Reading the paper larter, Sephir finds out that the responders were part of the Contagion Annihilation Research Laboratories (CARL) response teams. When returning to the location the next day, Sephir finds the Celestial Observatory boarded up like it’s been out of business for years.
The next night the ring infiltrates the shipyards to find out what the God Machine is having shipped to New Haven before getting transported south. They find a series of solar panels designed to go outside of a space shuttle in a shipping container, they all seem to be attached to gravestones. Sephir’s ability to pick up on any sounds can hear bleedover from the twilight, hearing the cry of imprisoned souls. The panels were meant to look fine to anyone viewing them on the side of a shuttle, but instead used souls to help power the shuttles. Izzy decides the best way to get rid of the gravestones binding the souls is to eat the components until the souls are free. She frees 119 of the souls, but traps one in her cellphone. The soul’s name in life was Jeremy Shultz, a young model with a strapping voice but awful attitude.
Finally the ring receives information that Alex Black, the androgynous angel, will be proposing the Lights Out night to the city council at the monthly public session. The ring shuts it down before it can even begin by sabotaging the catering to the event. Izzy infiltrates the YumCorp catering company by blowing the kid who runs the cash register and takes orders for events to incapacity them, and then releases mustard gas in the kitchen to force the staff to evacuate the building.
Without food to provide to the public, the government had to postpone the public session until the next week. Alex Black, defeated, goes back to her apartment. Sephir and Izzy tail her to Silver Towers, an apartment complex that’s only for 55 and older. Sephir and Izzy would stand out among the elderly there, so they’re forced to abandon the chase.
Finally, that Friday, Mr. Sephir visits Nazir in the prison infirmary. Nazir has been beaten even more severely on his way to the infirmary back when Mr. Sephir first visited. He’s barely able to respond yes and no to questions. Realizing he’s still a target, Mr. Sephir goes to Warden for help. Warden makes Mr. Sephir a temporary cover as a medical intern to guard Nazir during the time window where Nazir was meant to die. The first attempt on his life comes from the bag of saline Nazir was almost administered. Mr. Sephir noticed something wiggling inside of the bag from the corner of his eye, but couldn’t see anything directly. Mr. Sephir convinced the overworked nurse to let him put the saline bag up because another doctor needed to see her, and she complied. Mr. Sephir then disposed of the possibly tainted bag, and got a new bag out for Nazir. As he was trying to administer the bag, another nurse noticed that Mr. Sephir was doing a terrible job. The intern cover almost fizzled out, but Mr. Sephir forced reality to hold but then lost the ability to pronounce latin terms in any intelligent fashion. E.G. Deus Ex Machine would become Days axe Macaroni.
Mr. Sephir did his best to not exist in the background, but then noticed a doctor with a weird looking spine talking to Nazir. The doctor asked if Nazir was still in great pain, and Nazir moved his head yes. The doctor was about to adjust Nazir’s morphine drip to a dangerous level, but then Mr. Sephir used his abilities to force the doctor to be unable to understand the meaning of words. The dials on the machine became unreadable. Undaunted by this bizarre incident, the doctor starts petting the dispenser and tries to tell the machine to adjust it’s own levels. However, it comes out as nonsense about dragons and dreams. The doctor gets frustrated, and when the nurse comes the doctor just lets out a word salad instead of swearing. He gets lead to the on-call room to rest. 7’O Clock strikes. Nazir is safe.
When Mr. Sephir leaves, he notices some stars are brighter than others. Pea’s looking at the stars too. She puts together the God Machine’s plan. It was going to use Nazir’s death to affect the stars. Since he didn’t die, the stars didn’t align in the way it needed.


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