New Haven

Sunflower Vortex pt 1

Character Creation and really tall plants

Last time on Demon The Descent…

Character creation! We didn’t have the full party but had time to put together three characters

1. Izzy the Succubus. A former destroyer, truly enjoying the human life
2. Pea the Innocent. She’s not sure how she got here, or but she wants to go back home.
3. Mr. Stephir, the attorney at law. God damn it Sean I hate you so goddamn much.

Summery: The ring runs into each other aboard a ferry even though none of them individually planned it. There was something afoot. Pea and Izzy tried to enjoy the ferry ride over, while Mr. Sephir decided it was best to hide below deck using his high tech cardboard box to conceal himself.

Izzy met a man in a black longcoat, with black hair, sharp face, who couldn’t stop playing with his phone. They took a selfie together and the camera gave off the slightest bit of aether, hinting at their an angelic or demonic origin.

Pea ran into a man in a black longcoat, with brown hair, sharp face, who couldn’t stop playing with his phone. He was taking selfies on the deck, posing like a teenager, and snapping photos with her in frame. She too felt the hint of aether. Later, from his hiding spot, Mr Sephir spotted the man searching below deck for something… or someone.

While trying to figure out who the man was, Pea asked around and the only information she found was that when a passenger went to the bathroom, he ran into the man in black coat. When he got out of the stall, there was the very similar man in the grey coat standing there as well, both typing away on their phones.

Mr. Sephir used the top deck of the ship as a lookout point, and saw both men on the opposite sides of the ferry, looking like they were texting each other.

Izzy confronting the man in the grey longcoat about the other’s flirting with him. He claimed that the other was his brother, and gave Izzy his brother’s phone number as well as tickets to the sunflower tour. When she pressed him for more information, “attempting to utilize her assets”, the man took a picture stealthily. Since Izzy could sense the device still being used, she realized he was taking a picture and took the phone from him. The man vanished instantly, and the phone received a command to delete itself. Thinking fast, Izzy drained the battery so the phone couldn’t operate anymore.

They disembarked, and since the sunflower field seemed to be an object of interest, the group decided to investigate from afar. The field had an usual clover pattern, and at the exact center had one of the world’s tallest sunflowers sitting without any form of support.

There was one person mowing the grass nearby and Izzy talked to him to try to find out more. He had a triangle tattoo on the back of his neck, and when pressed for information he memory was severely lacking. The only things he remembers about his latest job was digging oddly deep holes and using batteries to charge the sunflowers. Izzy asked him to show her the batteries they started walking around the field to go to the back shed.

The man’s tattoo started glowing as they got close, and his demeanor changed. He started insisting they go toward the center of the sunflower field. From his vantage point, Sephir could see two other workers heading Izzy’s way, with one of them grabbing something out from the sunflower patches. He also was then able to spot a man in a white coat, with blonde hair and a sharp face.


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