Contagion Annihilation Research Laboratory

The Contagion Annhilation Research Laboratory (CARL) on paper is a research lab for dealing with biological warfare and training countermeasures for natural/biowarfare incidents.

CARL in reality is a massive cleanup crew for the God Machine. They’re used to destroy old facilities, infrastructure, and to deal with cryptid and demonic threats. They use the cover of ‘training exercises’ when performing operations in public.

Encountered CARL Agents

Contagion Containment Crew (CCC) are the men and women who do the dirty work. They have no knowledge of the God Machine, but they’re aware they’re dealing with the supernatural. They believe their missions are for the public safety, and the secrecy is to prevent the world from panicking. They’re trained as half occult cleanup specialist, half soldier, and will not hesitate to kill those they believe to be infected.

Contagion Awareness Officers (CAO) act as the face of the company. They provide cover stories, and block off areas while the CCC are doing their job.

Not much else is known about CARL. Attempts to infiltrate the organization fail due to some kind of aether detection protocol during decontamination after missions. This will out demons and then they’re ripe to be captured. It is not known why only CARL has these devices, because it would be beneficial for the God Machine to use these everywhere.

Contagion Annihilation Research Laboratory

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