Longest Winter

“One man’s dirge is another’s anthem.”

The Longest Winter is an established court of Changelings that live in the borderlands between the mortal realm and the Hedge. The God Machine and the True Fey do not interact, at least not directly. They each lack power in the other’s realms, but the God Machine has an advantage over the Fey: It does not have to follow the terms of a pact a True Fey makes with the machine, so any Fey foolish enough give the God Machine strength in their world and end up getting nothing in return.

The Winter Court does interfere with the God Machine’s plans indirectly. The borderlands prevent God Machine intrusion, providing safety from the ever-expanding mechanical monster. But then it opens up a whole new world of threats.

The only known Winter Court public area is in Westen Park in the downtown area. If you cross the bridge across Gele Lake backwards, and turn around, you find the park covered in snow. Occasionally there are goblin markets and other setups, and buildings will appear and disappear at the court’s digression. To leave, you cross the bridge again going forward. The bridge goes on for a mile before you end up back in New Haven.


  • Changelings do not like Demons, for their pacts resemble those of their former masters. They’re not outright hostile because they understand that the God Machine and the True Fey are both enemies of demons as well. The enemy of my enemy is someone you can throw under the bus when needed.

  • Goblin Markets however love demons. The demons can trade pacts like common goods there, and don’t get caught up in the stipulations a mortal would making deals of these sorts. In game rules, demons can sell parts of their covers for different supernatural powers. These powers are always risky to use and force compromises to the demon’s cover, but are great secret weapon to those who think they understand a demon and it’s abilities.
  • Longest Winter

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