Modern Institute of Science and Technology

“Ubi concordia, ibi victoria”
“Where there is unity, there is the victory.”

Established: 1955
President: John Gauss
Academic Staff: 700
Students: 3400
Location: Downtown New Haven
Colors: Black and Green
Football Team: Daemons

The Modern Institute of Science and Technology is the West Coast’s MIT. It’s not as big as the ivy league schools, but with the technological advancements it brings to the table, it’s earning it’s place in American history.

“What’s a better place to find people willing to do anything to get ahead in life?” – Mr. Gauss

The university was originally a giant processor for the God Machine. The solar paneling used unusued brain waves for occult calculations. Mr. Gauss and his ring demolished the infrastructure, and found countless facilities under construction as part of another, darker project. Gauss and his crew formed raiding parties and slowly destroyed the God Machine’s presence and staff until they could claim it as their own. Now the University is God Machine free, a hell paved by Gauss himself. He built the agency using the school as sources of contracts, resources, and whatever else he needed to build his empire.

MIST now is practically a micro-nation among Demon kind, and wages a secret war with The God Machine.

Demon Structures
Cryptobiology Lab
Antivirus Hub
Endless Offices
Total Perspective Vortex

Modern Institute of Science and Technology

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