New Haven Express Lifeline

History: The New Haven Express Lifeline was originally built in the 1990s to act as arteries and veins for the God Machine’s infrastructures, with the Central Bus Station Number 9 acting as a heart. However a demon by the code name “Duchess” managed to sever the God Machine’s connection, turning the stations and buses into giant blind spots that angelic beings cannot enter.

NHELL’s Buses

The buses are all powered by aether, letting them run cleanly and without any maintenance. The mortal world believes it’s all through solar power and energy efficient engines. A demon may draw aether from the bus in an emergency, but the debt to NHELL is expected to be paid back tenfold.

The NHELL buses will work with any demon to an extent. First, a demon must have an NHELL bus pass. Every demon that comes to the city gets one. To purchase more, you must perform operations for the NHELL board of directors.

The pass itself manipulates time and bus routes to give the demon an out. By spending a willpower and an aether, a bus will pull up extremely close to where the demon is and give them a window to get aboard. This burns out the bus pass.

The bus prevents Angels and other monstrosities from getting aboard, but it does not stop mortal agents or stigmatics.

The buses are also popular draws for cryptozoological creatures, attempting to feed off the bus engines. The buses are reinforced and will typically rundown the cryptid, but the persistent or clever will find ways to get to the aether.

The NHELL Mega-Buses
The Mega Buses are portable bases/boltholds NHELL will rent out. The bus’s bathroom bends space and time to make into a fortress/Bolthole, as well as acting as a command post.

New Haven Express Lifeline

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