Operation Dark Skies

The God Machine’s agents are attempting to turn off all the lights in the city for a night on Valentine’s Day. For what greater purpose, we do not know. Your mission is to prevent all the lights from going out in the city.

Information Collected so far:

  • The promotion started with the Celestial Observatory in Neo-Bejing. Posters around town are promoting a night of darkness so the city can appreciate the Stars.

  • A pair of suspected Angels are going from business to business attempting to get them to participate in the program.

  • The Angel exile Warden informed us of an intercepted message at the New Haven Multi-Security Penitentiary about an arranged murder of a model inmate who’s currently appealing his murder charge by an agent of the God Machine. We have reasons to believe these events are related.

  • Don’t feel lulled into a false sense of security for an operation against something that seems benign. The God Machine’s benevolence is furthering its own agenda, not trying to give humanity a romantic night under the stars.
  • Operation Dark Skies

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