Operation Genesis

The God Machine has an occult matrix being placed into motion somewhere in California, which is way out of our area of operations. However, three components for the matrix are coming through New Haven, and we’re hoping at the very least to collect information on what’s going on and possibly sabotaging the project from here.

What’s unusual is that while there’s a lot of effort being put into moving these devices, our intel source says that they’re all rated as low importance resources to the God Machine.


  • The Institute’s Robotics Lab was used to make drones to help repair the outside of a space shuttle. The robots were constructed here, and we intercepted the electronic CPUs sent over from MIT. On the outside they look like self contained modules that simply hookup to the drone, but breaking open the shell reveals a small brain modified with many computer parts, preserved by essence. Ocelot suspects that they were originally from chimpanzees that were modified to act as AIs for these drones. These need to be shipped out by the 22nd of this month, so we need to find a way to sabotage them by then.

  • There’s a shipment from China arriving on Tuesday the 9th. We have no idea what it contains, but it’ll be shipped out of the city by truck on the 11th.

  • The final component is being hauled from a train coming from Alaska. The part is believed to be Russian in origin, and weighs multiple tons. The train will be refueling here on the 17th
  • It’s up to you on how you want to handle the components. Destroying them outright is easy, but will draw a lot of heat from the God Machine. I suggest more subtle methods if possible.

    Operation Genesis

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